Oil Presses

About Oil Presses

The Komet Vegetable Oil expellers feature a special coldpressing system with a single conveying screw instead of individual compression screws, to squeeze the oils from various oil bearing seeds. Our oil presses operate on a gentle mechanical press principle, which does not involve mixing and tearing of the seeds. A further advantage of this system is that virtually all oil bearing seeds, nuts and kernels can be pressed with the standard equipment without cumbersome adjustment of screws and oil outlet holes. The Komet Oil Press or Screw Oil Expeller is extremely easy to maintain as it has no multisectional strainer but a single press cylinder, which allows a quick change from one seed to another - which is especially important when processing small batches. Another advantage of this system is that the press cake extrudes out of the oil press in the shape of pellets that are easy to store and handle. Oils produced under the gentle KOMET cold pressing system are only subjected to very low temperatures and are therefore top quality vegetable oils which can be used for human consumption without any conditioning depending on the raw material.

Oil Presses Products

  • CA59-1H

    This is the smallest oil press which is working manual. It is perfect for a small amount of press gear.

  • CA59G

    This is the smallest eletronically working oil expeller. It is able to produce 3 to 5 kg per hour.

  • D85-1G

    This oil expeller is able to press 5 to 10 kg per hour.

  • DD85G

    The oil press DD85G can produce 20 - 50 kg per hour.

  • S120F

    This is our biggest oil expeller. The S120F can produce 50 to 100 kg per hour.